Reel Honest Reviews

“An unbiased story that every American should see.  Maddening… compelling… a timely tale that is as captivating as it is informative. Capturing The Flag demonstrates that democracy at its very core is continually being challenged.” - Pamela Powell  (read more)

Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts

“Enlightening and inspiring… Capturing The Flag is worth seeing for its educational value alone, but even more so because it captures both how great the need is for voter protection work and how much of a difference a single person can make in just one day.” - Elizabeth Levin (read more)

Ms. Magazine

“The stories of these voters remind us that the heart of this fight is our shared human stake in our democracy - and Capturing The Flag serves both as a warning and a call to action to activists across the country who are ready to fiercely defend it.” - Natasha Piñon  (read more)


PBS’s DocSoup

“I can read about voter suppression and hear about voter suppression, but seeing it unfold on screen is staggering in an entirely different way.”  - Full Frame Artistic Director Sadie Tillery quoted by Tom Roston (read more)


Quik Flix Hit

“A microcosm of the passions, absurdities and contradictions of the U.S. election system… Anne de Mare’s fascinating and sober documentary fights an undercurrent of foregone conclusion, but provides pointed insights into our election system and the soldiers who take up the challenges of making votes count.” - Marvin Brown (read more)

Red Carpet Crash

“Director Anne de Mare adeptly focuses a magnifying glass on the crucible of Cumberland County, North Carolina. [A] deeply personal, important and timely film” - L.C. Cragg (read more)


“Inspiring and thoughtful… Capturing The Flag is a topical, engaging testimony of passion in divisive times. These 76 minutes will leave viewers frustrated over what can go wrong on Election Day, but also inspired.” - John Soltes (read more)

Duke Arts

“A film every young adult needs to see.  At a time when people across the nation are wondering how they can make a difference, this film says, yes, you can — here are some steps you can take.” Carly Mirabile and Melanie Hogue, Duke University students (read more)